1. Marlene

A cheerful ditty based on the book 'Bad Blood' (Richard M. Levine), about a teenage girl who convinces the boyfriend to kill her parents. A true story, set in lovely 1975 Marin County.
On the album 'Pigs in a Blanket'.


VERSE 1: My name is Charles Riley, my girlfriend's named Marlene.
I was 20 when we met, she just turned 16.
She taught me more about love and pain
than I thought there was to learn
There’s hell to pay for what we did
but I’m gladly gonna burn

Marlene, they said you was bad blood
but to me, it felt just like true love
When you took my hand and told me what to do
I said Marlene, I'll do anything for you.

I was just a fat boy who never had a girl
You came to feed my hunger if you could rule my world
Said you used black magic but the choice was all my own
Now that I have tasted love I can face the end alone

(CHORUS and interlude)

Strange what I was willing to do to please the girl I love
She carved her name across my back still it was not enough
She said her folks would break us up, she wished that they were dead
I asked her what she really meant ‘cause I'd do what she said