Songs with Lyrics

This page has tracks from late 1980's and early 1990's when I tried writing lyrics and pop song forms.

Songwriting Demos

Forgive my voice and the dated synth backing tracks. 

Ideally these would be recorded by a real singer with a real band.


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One Verse Wonders

Below are three songs where I came up with only one verse.
Rather than force additional verses or pad them with instrumental parts, I left them 'as-is'.

The Girls in Black
Inspired by seeing a woman dressed in all beatnik black, very out of place in the sweltering suburban summer sun.

Oh the girls in black dig Kerouac 
and Burroughs is essential 
Talk of Allen Ginsberg 
gets downright reverential 
Beatnik chicks don’t dig hicks that can’t talk existential 
so I don’t have much to say to the girls in black

Ali Akbari
Written 1991 in reaction to HW Bush’s GulfWar1 and for a friend named Ali Akbari, who is not at all a simple man. 
- - - Musically, using a rhythm learned early 80’s when I was drummer in a band that played Persian events.

I am just a simple man, make my living from the land 
Rise at dawn, work all day but three times I stop to pray 
When I kneel I praise Allah, I know that’s the one true god 
I am just a simple man, Ali Akbari