My first contribution to the band.
Pete and Jeb had written the music.
I added the lyrics, aiming for (but not reaching) 'working class grit' in style of Woody Guthrie or Johnny Cash.

Cassette recording of live performance on KFJC radio with Randy Rood on guitar. Probably 1988, just after the release of the Big Fat Fun LP. Not recorded for any of the albums.


Well I lost my job at the factory to a robot from Japan
I lost my wife and the family to an educated man
We could have worked it out but we never even tried
I’m on a one way trip
I’m gonna ride that train to nowhere

My daddy rode the rails when he came home from the war
Lost his life to a switchblade knife on the day that I was born
But in my dreams I hear him calling through the night
He’s calling out to me
Calling me to ride that train to nowhere

(guitar solo 1)

Well it seems like I been running since the day that I left home
When you’ve got no love to give then you’re better off alone
In my dreams hear calling through the night
Headed for a fall you know
I’m gonna ride that train to nowhere

(guitar solo 2)