I wrote music and lyrics for the three verses. First and second lines intentionally reference Beatles and Jimmy Van Heusen.
Jeb extended the tag line to write the chorus/interlude. Jeb and Pete's vocal harmony and the big guitars are Everly Brothers influence. Straight up romantic sentiment.

On the album Bowlegged


You can’t hide your love away
save it for some rainy day
Can’t avoid a broken heart
by giving up before you start
Butterfly is in your hand
let it go see where it lands
When it flies into the light
then you know the time is right
There’s a wonder to reveal
when you know this love is real

There’s a sound you can’t ignore
love is knocking at your door
When it’s real it’s not a sin
to open up and let it in
Don’t pretend your heart is gone
love can only wait so long
There’s a whisper in your ear
quiet voice that’s soft and clear
Close your eyes what do you feel
Telling you this love is real

This love is real, this love
(can’t you feel can’t your feel my heart beat)

Not the kind to play it cool
I’m not afraid to play the fool
I been trying for a week
to get my nervous lips to speak
I been waiting all my life
I’m asking you to be my wife
Maybe on our wedding day
I can find the words to say
Let you know just how I feel
When I say this love is real