1. Now 'N Then

I wrote music and lyrics for this, using tin-pan alley AABA form instead of pop music verse/chorus. An attempt at Cole Porter's wry non-committal lyric sentiment.
Much later realized intro music is too close to Matt Dennis 'Everything Happens to Me' .

On the album Bowlegged


You probably think this heartache is more than you deserve
Sometimes you’d like to end it all but you haven’t got the nerve
No need to be alone if you’ll just pick up the phone

Now ’n then, Now ’n then
Your big romance has come to an end
You can call on me, now and then

Now ’n then, Now ’n then
You need someone you can depend on
You can count on me, now and then

If you need a shoulder you can cry on
I’m the one you can rely on, you know it
But if you’re thinking maybe
that you want to be my baby then show it

Now ’n then, Now ’n then
You want love, you can pretend
You’re in love with me, now and then