1. Irene

I wrote music and lyrics for this. Intentional use of lyric cliches in style of Paul McCartney's (silly) love songs. The word play in the bridge actually came first.
Jeb added a real hook with the ‘hup-banana-na interlude and the slamming ska beat.
I created the canon/round fade out overdubbing four parts played on my Ensoniq 8-bit sample keyboard.

On the album Bowlegged


Irene, she’s the girl of my dreams
She’s the one I been thinking of
Can you see me Irene

Irene, cutest thing you’ve ever seen
Hair so long and her eyes so green
Can you see me Irene

Well I’d like to call her but it’s too late
and I don’t want to make Irene irate
So I’ll just see her in my dreams
but I don’t know if I rate with

Irene, the moon is shining up above
The stars are out and it’s a night for love
Can you see me Irene

(interlude ‘hup-banana-na')

repeat AABA