Smarmy misanthropy written early 90’s when I heard the phrase on Alex Bennett’s drive time morning FM radio show


If you’re sad and you’re feeling low
All your friends have left you and you’ve got no place to go
Before you reach out and call me on the phone, just remember
Jesus loves you, but I don’t

If you’re down, you’ve got the blues
You’ve hit rock bottom and there’s nothing left to lose
Don’t forget you brought it on yourself, no one else
and Jesus loves you, but I don’t

There’s someone upstairs, someone who really cares
about you and your state of mind
Don’t look to me if you want sympathy
I think you're a pain in the be - -

- - hind every cloud there’s a silver lining
but you’ll never find it ‘cause you’re too busy whining
So shut up, there’s nothing more to say but to pray
‘cause Jesus loves you, but I don’t