1. 12 Steps

Meant to be honky tonk country in style of Jerry Lee Lewis or Nick Lowe. Also inspired by 'counting songs', like NRBQ's 'Twelve Bar Blues.
Not intending any disrespect to codependents or the millions helped by twelve step programs.


It only takes one word to say goodbye, two to say we’re through
the three that I can’t seem to say are I’m leaving you
It only takes one word to say goodbye but it’s more than I can do
It’s gonna take twelve steps to walk away from you

I always liked the night life, the good times and the wine
Used to be I’d get my fill and next day I’d be fine
But now my hands get shaky unless I’m just a little high
Deep inside I know I’ve crossed the line


I wake up in the morning so sick I feel like dying
The face I look at in mirror says there’s no denying
I tell myself that I can quit, tell myself I’m trying
Then I pour another glass and know I’m lying


(Counting interlude, then modulation to CHORUS)