A honky tonk song, in style of Sir Douglas Quintet (Doug Sahm and the great Augie Meyers on Farfisa organ) or the Texas Tornados with Freddie Fender and Flaco Jimenez


I got troubles on my mind
I’m just a little mixed up so the words are hard to find
What I have to say won’t take much time
but I got troubles on my mind

Well it’s the way that you say that you won’t be home tomorrow
and it’s the fact that you act like love is a swingin’ door
So you’d expect that your next affair would cause me sorrow
but you know when you go you can still come back for more


Well your ma and your pa and all your kissin’ cousins
say you’re a pearl of a girl but I must disagree
It’s so complex ‘cause your exes number in the dozens
and when she can compete to make a monkey out of me

The good book says to turn the other cheek to you
Try to love the sinner but not the sin
Tempt me not because my flesh is weak for you
So I give up, I call it quits, you win

(organ SOLO)